Newsademic was set up in 2005. Its aim is to help students to improve their English as well as their awareness of the world by making use of international current affairs. The company is based in the United Kingdom. The newspaper is now used by teachers and students in both schools and language schools in over 100 different countries. 

Newsademic is a fortnightly international newspaper (20 articles) plus an associated website. The easy-to-read newspaper features the top world news stories that have made headlines during the previous two weeks. A team of writers, who are based in several different countries, write the news articles. The writers attempt to use simple language and easy sentence construction to explain each news story. They also provide some historical background where appropriate. 

The newspaper is produced in both a PDF and HTML format. Many teachers and students either teaching or learning English as a foreign language consider it a hugely valuable learning resource. Each issue is accompanied by two sets of activities or worksheets plus the respective answer keys. 

The Newsademic newspaper is produced in both British and American English. 

Newsademic carries no advertising. Neither does it feature articles about television, sport, computer games, pop music or celebrity culture. The newspaper's focus is on international news events that shape and affect the world that we all live in today. Articles featured in the newspaper reflect no political or religious bias. Stories are reported factually and every attempt is made to feature both sides of any situation in which opinions differ. 

Stephen Bradly