Commonwealth of Nations

Lesson Date : 2018-05-14
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The Commonwealth has 53 member countries. Its full name is the Commonwealth of Nations.

Every two years there is a Commonwealth two-day meeting. The latest was in Britain.

Most Commonwealth countries were British colonies. Now, they are independent nations.

Queen Elizabeth the Second is Britain’s queen. She is the head of the Commonwealth.

The 53 leaders met in Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. These are two of Queen Elizabeth’s homes.

Commonwealth countries have elected presidents and prime ministers.

Queen Elizabeth is the head of state of 16 Commonwealth nations. They include: Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Queen Elizabeth is 92 years old. She became queen 66 years ago.

Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth’s oldest son.

The Commonwealth nations made an agreement. Charles will be their leader when his mother dies.


ISSUES : Is having a monarch still important nowadays?

Period : 2018-05-14 ~ 2018-06-15
Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, having a monarch is still important nowadays. Having a monarch is very helpful for a country. Nowadays, many government officials are divided. A king or queen helps to unify a nation. They promote peace and understanding. A monarch keeps the culture and tradition of the whole country.
Manager's Con Opinion
No, having a monarch is not important nowadays. Monarchs do not have a real power. Therefore, kings or queens do not have any major responsibility. Their role is mainly symbolic. Today, countries are governed by elected officials. These officials work for the country. Monarchies are no longer needed.
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