Commonwealth of Nations

Lesson Date : 2018-05-14
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The Commonwealth of Nations has 53 member countries. The leaders of these nations meet every two years.

Most Commonwealth members are former British colonies. Now, all are self-governing nations.

The latest Commonwealth two-day summit took place in Britain. Queen Elizabeth the Second hosted it. She is the Commonwealth’s head, or leader.

The meetings were held in Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. These are two of Queen Elizabeth’s main homes.

Since becoming independent, Commonwealth countries have elected their own presidents and prime ministers.

Queen Elizabeth is Britain’s head of state. She is also the head of state of 15 Commonwealth countries. These nations are called Commonwealth realms. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Jamaica are all Commonwealth realms.

Recently, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her ninety-second birthday. She has reigned for 66 years. Currently, the Queen is the world’s longest-reigning monarch.

Prince Charles is the Queen’s heir. During the summit, it was agreed that he would lead the Commonwealth after his mother’s death.


ISSUES : Is it a good idea for a country to join many international organization?

Period : 2018-05-14 ~ 2018-06-14
Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, it is a good idea for a country to join many international organization. Today, countries work together in many ways. By being part of many international groups, a country will have many benefits. For example, these organizations will help the country develop its economy. A country can easily trade with other members.
Manager's Con Opinion
No, it is not a good idea for a country to join many international organizations. As a member, a country will also have many responsibilities. Member countries will have to agree with the organizations' rules. Not all international organizations will be beneficial for the country. A country must know the purpose of an organization before joining.
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