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Lesson Date : 2019-01-07
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Time is a famous magazine. It is from America.

Time has a “Person of the Year”. This person is on the cover of the last magazine in December.

The Person of the Year started in 1927. The first was Charles Lindbergh. He was a pilot.

Lindberg flew across the Atlantic Ocean. He was the first person to do this.

Person of the Year is not an award. Some bad people were Person of the Year.

Many years ago, Hitler and Stalin were Time’s Person of the Year. Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany. Stalin was the leader of communist Russia.

Time’s choice this year was four news reporters and a newspaper. The magazine says that news is important.

During 2019, the news reporters were put in prison or killed.


ISSUES : Should the readers of Time magazine choose its “Person of the Year”?

Period : 2019-01-07 ~ 2019-02-07
Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, the readers of Time magazine should choose its “Person of Year”. People's opinion is very valuable. They know who has been the most influential person or group of people in the news. This is also a good way to encourage people to read about what is happening in the world.
Manager's Con Opinion
No, the readers of Time magazine should not choose its “Person of the Year”. People will have very different opinions. Their choice would not represent the correct Person of the Year. The people working at the magazine have a better under Time standing of world news. Therefore, they will choose the most appropriate Person of the Year.
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