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Lesson Date : 2019-04-15
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There was a prize ceremony in Dubai. It was for the world’s best teacher.

There is a big meeting in Dubai each year. It is about education.

Sunny Varkey lives in Dubai. His family moved there in 1959. They came from India.

Mr. Varkey’s father opened a school. Mr Varkey took over nearly 40 years ago.

He opened other schools. Many are in other countries.

Now, Mr. Varkey is wealthy. He likes to help others.

Mr. Varkey set up a charity. It is called the Varkey Foundation.

The Varkey Foundation pays for the teacher prize. The winner receives $1 million.

There were ten finalists. They came from many countries. Judges chose the winner.

Peter Tabichi won. He is from Kenya. Mr. Tabichi teaches mathematics at a poor village school.


ISSUES : Does the Global teaching award encourage young people to become teachers?

Period : 2019-04-15 ~ 2019-05-15
Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, the global teaching award does encourage young people to become teachers. This award respects teachers. It recognizes the importance of teaching in every country. This award shows young people that being a teacher is a great job.
Manager's Con Opinion
No, the global teaching award does not encourage young people to become teachers. Yet, it can motivate teachers to improve their skills. Many non-teaching factors will affect a student's decision when choosing their future job. Location, family, and salary are examples.
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