Stephen Hawking dies
Lesson Date : 2018-04-02

토론주제 : Should there be a special day to remember Stephen Hawking?

토론기간 : 2018-04-02 ~ 2018-05-04
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Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, there should be a special day to remember Stephen Hawking. He made many contributions in the field of science. He was a great physicist, and cosmologist. Even though he had disabilities, Hawking continued to study and share his knowledge. He was admired for his intelligence and his determination not to give up because of his disabilities. Hawking inspired many people. As he was a good role model, a special day should be set to remember Stephen Hawking.
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Manager's Con Opinion
No, there should not be a special day to remember Stephen Hawking. He was a great scientist. He made many important contributions in the field of cosmology. Yet, this does not mean that a special day should be set up to commemorate his life. This is not needed. Stephen Hawking will be remembered with or without a special day. Instead, students should continue to study his works and read his books. The best way for people to remember Stephen Hawking is to continue to learn about the Universe.

토론 시작

No. 3462

Partly Yes.
Frankly I have a mixed opinion.

Actually, he was a great scientist and cosmologist.
Furthermore, he tried to communicate people using computer system when he got a desease on his brain. In addition, he tried to educate people with easy term.
As a human being, he is worth to be respected by many people.
That's why I agree with making a special day to remind his good activities in his life.

최현희(choihh00)18.04.02 14:47

No. 3467

Because he's very famous and important person.
He teached us many things.
Even though he only can move little bit he studied many things.
He is like a human library about black holes.
And thats why we should make a day for him.

최건(bebepe33)18.04.02 18:52

No. 3469

Stephen was a great physicist. But he is english, not korean.
Before we can remember him, we must remember the patriotic martyrs who had bled for our country.
Stephen Hawking would impugn the memory is good, but, rather than the property of our country.
Famous artist Paik Nam-june
Former President Kim Dae-jung and Kim Young-sam
Patriotic martyr Yu Ghan-sun and Yi Wu
We must remember them first.

김민재(tm_cooky05)18.04.02 21:37

No. 3479

Proffeseor Steven hawking had many a stupendous achievement. He inherit Einstein, Newton's genealogy. Although he could move only two fingers because he had Lou Gehrig's disease, he is very tremendous scientist. There SHOULD BE ONE SPECIAL DAY ABOUT STEVEN HAWKING.

()18.04.02 23:15

No. 3480

김민재(tm_cooky05)님에 대한 반론입니다.
But Famous artist Paik Nam-june, Former President Kim Dae-jung, and Kim Young-sam Patriotic martyr Yu Ghan-sun and Yi Wu are the special person too, its true. BUT proffesor Steven hawking, he surmount an obstacle even though he lean at computer. Are famous artist Paik Nam-june, Former President Kim Dae-jung, and Kim Young-sam Patriotic martyr Yu Ghan-sun and Yi Wu surmount an obstacle? Are they was hard to do acheviemnt? Probably NOT. Even though Steven Hawking lean against on computer and only move two fingers, he had many acheviement. He is probably special person than famous artist Paik Nam-june, Former President Kim Dae-jung, and Kim Young-sam Patriotic martyr Yu Ghan-sun and Yi Wu

()18.04.02 23:23

No. 3485

No, there should not be a special day to remember Stephen Hawking.
I don't think it is important, because if such a thing will be done then the same distinction should be given to other experts. Stephen Hawking did it because of his willingness to share what he had found out, studied, or learned about.

미르나(myrna)18.04.04 03:12

No. 3498

There are so many great people in the world. Like Albert Einstein. Almost every people would know him, but there is no day such like 'Einstein's Day'. If we make so lots of great person's day, whole days will be a special day. That makes no sence. We might have to memorize whole days with whole great people.

이지우(nuno0626)18.04.04 22:09

No. 3502

I agree that stephen Hawking made a significant divelopment in science. So i think it is natural for many people to think that there should be a special day to remeber Stephen Hawking. However, i think that their sould be no special day for remember Stephen Hawking. To support my opinion, by making a special day for Stephen Hawking and celebrating would cost a lot of money. In concusion, rather making a specal day and celebrating I think that we should spend the money for developing the science.
So, Stephen Hawing wouldn't like money spending for special day but spending it for developing the science.
As a result, i think we should spend money develping the science, rather using it to make a speical day for Stephen Hawking.

()18.04.04 22:24

No. 3507

Okay. So Albert Einstein is a great scientist. But did he had a disease? Did he had bad enviorment to study? But Steven Hawking had disease and he did many scientific study. That does not makes sense!

()18.04.04 23:16

No. 3508

We could make a day without spending money. Like Independence Day, do we celebrate immense? We doesn't spend any money. Just we remember our ancestors. So I think the special day need to be, and just remember.

()18.04.04 23:20

No. 3509

Your agrument was inspiring, but according to the US Embassy In Korea, they said that there is a festival in independece day. Such as fireworks, and concert and more. Using a fire work and having a huge concert means we have to spend money. As a result when we in independence day we spend money.
And there would be absolutly a huge event if we make a special day for hawking. Because as you had said before, he is famous.

()18.04.05 16:32

No. 3523

I think Stephen Hawking should be remembered as he is probably the most famous genius of the modern age. What made him so great to get people thinking to make a day about him? Didn't he discover black holes? Or the Big Bang? Or tell us what time is, or something? what I think made Stephen Hawking so great is that even though he knew about that he was going to die in 2 years he didn't give up like most people would'eve.
It is almost unfortunate that the iconic Hawking has so much eclipsed the physicist. Nowadays, nothing can be spoken in that trademark android monotone without immediately acquiring oracular status and being breathlessly reported.
This is the flipside of the otherwise life-affirming Hawking story. There is a presumption that he must be an endless source of gnomic wisdom. In fact he is fallible, just like every other human being regardless of their genius. His story is an inspiring one, but that doesn't mean we should deny him this aspect of his humanity.
Perhaps it is because we as a society are still uncomfortable with disability. We are strangely fascinated with the idea that a severely disabled person in a wheelchair can be enormously intelligent. We should not be surprised.

조인우(soyinwoo)18.04.15 18:33

No. 3524

It does make sence. Albert Einstein made Relative theory when he was working Swiss Patent Office. He work for his life in daytime, and amde the great theory in midnight or dawn. Every great man have hardships.

이지우(nuno0626)18.04.07 23:32

No. 3527

Not necessarily. There are other more famous scientists who contributed much in science and they were not given a special day to remember them.

죠셉핀(josephine)18.04.08 11:16

No. 3562

Absolutely yes I agree. Like the other people who contributed a lot to make us progress. There should be a day to remember them. Stephen Hawking's contribution should be remembered until the next generations.

아지(ajie)18.04.14 11:37