Coffee fungus
Lesson Date : 2018-11-20

토론주제 : Will the scientists be able to find a cure for coffee leaf rust?

토론기간 : 2018-11-20 ~ 2018-12-21
토론이용안내: 1.찬성,반대 중 선택>> 반론참여 버튼생성>>반론참여 클릭>>텍스트 입력, 음성녹음, 동영상등록 중 선택 의견을 남기세요.
                        2.반대 의견의 상대방 지목 은 최대 3명까지 가능하며, 반론에 대한 답글은 제한이 없습니다.
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Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, the scientists will be able to find a cure for coffee leaf rust. There has been a lot of research into the fungus. Scientists have gathered a large amount of information about it. Coffee farmers have also found ways to control its effect on their coffee farms. Scientists may be able to edit the coffee plant’s genes to make them more resistant. As they continue to study the fungus, the scientists will be able to work out an effective way to cure it.
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Manager's Con Opinion
No, the scientists will not be able to find a cure for coffee left rust. Scientists now know a lot about the disease. Yet, this does not guarantee that they will discover a way to stop it. The fungus has been infecting coffee plants for a long time. It continues to evolve. Even resistant coffee plants can become infected. The coffee leaf rust may be accelerated by climate change. This will make it even harder for scientists to find a solution.

토론 시작

No. 4597

I think scientist have to cure coffee left rust.
Becuase coffee is very important plants and they love coffee.

()18.11.20 18:16

No. 4598

Yes, scientists will definitely have a cur for the coffee leaf rust.
It's true that scientists don't know much about coffee leaf rust.
But that doesn't mean that they can't fix it.
Scientists will find a way to find a cure for the disease.
As you know many people love coffee.
So if they don't find a cure for it, coffee will be rare.

Thank you

()18.11.20 19:22

No. 4600

Well,all you say is that coffee will be rare and scientist can fix it,but how?(well,I don't think that you are all wrong,but this is my opiniun...If you had bad feelings about this,then sorry.;;)
As I know,the scientist can't proved that bees can fly.But they are flying right now!
The point is ,yes.The coffee can be rare.and scientist are try best to fix this.
But if they are willing and try hard to fix it.that can't prove anithing.
And about few centries,the scientist can't find the way out.What is different?

구현호(tm_harry1016)18.11.20 19:56

No. 4606

The science is more improved now. That means they have lot of way to fix the problems.

()18.11.22 20:00

No. 4607

Yes, scientists will be able to find a cure for coffee left rust. science technology is developing more and more and it will probably keep developing untll every thing can be proved in science. Since so many people love coffee more scientists will reserch to find the cure.

조인우(soyinwoo)18.11.23 19:35

No. 4610

Yes, it is possible for scientists to find cure for leaf crust if they continue with their research. With modern technology. scientists can eventually discover the treatment for this plant disease.

죠셉핀(josephine)18.11.24 11:38

No. 4612

If the science are going to improved,than the fungus will evolve!Infect,the scientist can not kill all of the cockroach.
That means the science improved=animals and plants are improved!

구현호(tm_harry1016)18.11.24 13:19

No. 4614

Yes, it might be true that fungus will evolve!
Well my point is that science improves fast.
But plants evolving takes more than a lot!
And scientists did not kill all of the cockroach because they are alive creatures too!

()18.11.24 20:29

No. 4616

Well,the scientist didn't kill the cockroach,people use the medicine to catch the cockroach!And you know what?the medicine is maked by the scientist!That was my point.And the cold,flu,food poisoning....most of the germ,bacteria are evolving while the scientist are trying to kill them!
And any medicine can cure all of them.So,my point is,that the scientist can not cure the coffe leaf rust.

구현호(tm_harry1016)18.11.25 13:42

No. 4645

Yes, scientists will be able to find a cure for coffee leaf rust.
With the kind of technology we have nowadays, nothing much is impossible to do.
We have reliable experts on this matter, so continuous research and experimentation will ultimately bring to a very good solution in the future, I firmly believe.

미르나(myrna)18.12.03 03:39

No. 4663

It's true that scientists made the medicine to kill the cockroach.
There was a big difference between cockroach and the coffee leaf rust.
cockroach lays egg fast but does the coffee leaf rust it travels fast? No. that's my point!

()18.12.04 19:52

No. 4672

Well,yes! The flue travels fast! the flue or rust travels fast and multiplies fast!

구현호(tm_harry1016)18.12.08 20:56