Coffee fungus
Lesson Date : 2018-11-20

토론주제 : Will the coffee leaf rust greatly affect the coffee industry?

토론기간 : 2018-11-20 ~ 2018-12-20
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Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, the coffee leaf rust will affect the coffee industry. The disease greatly reduces the number of berries that coffee plants produce. Coffee is the second most traded commodity. The demand for coffee is very high. The fungus will affect the quality and quantity of coffee. Farmers have to spend a lot of money to protect their coffee plants. These factors will result in a change in the coffee industry. With increased demand and low supply, the price of coffee is likely to go up.
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Manager's Con Opinion
No, the coffee leaf rust will not greatly affect the coffee industry. The disease has existed for a long time. Yet, coffee plantations have managed to survive. They are still able to produce enough supply. Coffee farmers have found ways to reduce the effect of the fungus. They are able to continue producing enough coffee. Dealing with diseases is now part of many farm operations. The disease may affect some plants. Yet, this will not have a devastating impact on the coffee industry as a whole.

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Yes, if not treated immediately the coffee leaf rust will soon affect the coffee industry. More and more plantations would be contaminated and these coffee plants would soon die. When this happens, there would be lesser supply of coffee worldwide which could lead in an increase in price.

죠셉핀(josephine)18.11.24 11:43

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Yes, the coffee leaf rust will affect the coffee industry.
Proper awareness to such should be dealt with, because there's always the possibility of it turning into a more disastrous thing. Every industry is important, just like the coffee industry, so the needed serious study about this concern should be done, or we suffer the consequences.

미르나(myrna)18.12.03 03:12