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Lesson Date : 2018-12-04

토론주제 : Is legalizing marijuana a good idea?

토론기간 : 2018-12-04 ~ 2019-01-04
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Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, legalizing marijuana is a good idea. By doing so, the government will have control of marijuana in their country. People will only be allowed to use a certain amount. Legalizing marijuana can reduce drug-related crimes. As people will now have a place to buy marijuana legally, they will not buy them from drug gangs. Second, the government can earn tax from marijuana. They can use the money to educate more people about marijuana. Also, marijuana has medical uses. By making it legal, people who need it for medical use can easily get them.
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Manager's Con Opinion
No, legalizing marijuana is not a good idea. Smoking marijuana will definitely be bad for one's health. It can affect people's brain. Marijuana is highly addictive. Soon, people using marijuana will take more dangerous drugs. Legalizing marijuana will not stop drug-related crimes. As more people will get addicted to it, the demand for the drug will be higher. Illegal selling will continue. Drug dealers will provide addicted people with stonger and more dangerous drugs. The government should help people have a healthier lifestyle. Legalizing marijuana is the opposite of that.

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Yes, legalizing marijuana is a good idea, but any government can do a RECALL, if things turn out negatively.
LEGALIZING doesn't mean FULL ENJOYMENT of marijuana. Rules are set, and people have to follow, or there'll be summons as prescribed by law.
There's always a "PROPER/RIGHT" way of using it, the responsibility is by the people concerned.

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