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Lesson Date : 2019-01-21

토론주제 : Should tsunami-warning devices now be placed in the Sunda Strait?

토론기간 : 2019-01-21 ~ 2019-02-21
토론이용안내: 1.찬성,반대 중 선택>> 반론참여 버튼생성>>반론참여 클릭>>텍스트 입력, 음성녹음, 동영상등록 중 선택 의견을 남기세요.
                        2.반대 의견의 상대방 지목 은 최대 3명까지 가능하며, 반론에 대한 답글은 제한이 없습니다.
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Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, tsunami-warning devices should now be placed in the Sunda Strait. In recent years, the volcanic island eruptions have become more frequent. Scientists need to monitor the volcanic island. It would be better to set up tsunami warning systems to detect any volcanic activity. With this information, scientists would be able to work out if a possible volcanic eruption was likely to trigger a landslide and a tsunami. People living near the shore could then receive a warning in time to move to a safer place inland.
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Manager's Con Opinion
No, tsunami-warning devices should not be placed in the Sunda Strait. A landslide rather than an undersea earthquake triggered the recent tsunami. A tsunami-warning device cannot predict a volcanic island landslide. They detect a sudden rise in sea level. It would therefore be useless to set these devices up. The volcanic island is not far from the shoreline. Even if the devices could detect a landslide, there would not be enough time to react if a similar event happened. Indonesia’s tsunami-warning devices are far out in the sea. The country needs to develop a better early warning system for landslides created by volcanic eruptions.

토론 시작

No. 4828

Yes it can save human lives from tsunamis by using Pavian sirens’ early warning signals.

네따(neta)19.01.26 01:09

No. 4829

Yes, tsunami-warning devices should now be placed in the Sunda Strait.
Such devices are used to save as many lives possible, so people should heed, and do what they have to do.
But it's also important to orient the people on SOPs whenever such natural disaster happens.

미르나(myrna)19.01.27 04:08

No. 4861

No, tsunami-warning devices shouldn't be placed in the Sunda Strait. It be expensive. Even if the device detects a landslide, the tsunami will come quick and devour entire villages.

이석민(miny1112)19.02.01 17:11