Border wall shutdown
Lesson Date : 2019-02-04

토론주제 : Should the Democrats agree to build the new wall?

토론기간 : 2019-02-04 ~ 2019-03-04
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Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, the Democrats should agree to build the new wall. The border wall will strengthen the security of the nation. It will prevent people from entering the country illegally. The wall will also stop drug smuggling across the border. Building the wall may cost a lot of money, but it will be beneficial for the nation. If the Democrats agree to build the wall, the shutdown will end. If this shutdown continues, it will cost the U.S. more money than the wall.
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Manager's Con Opinion
No, the Democrats should not agree to build the wall. The cost of building the wall is too high. In addition, it will be ineffective in solving the problems of illegal immigration and drug smuggling. The number of people entering the U.S. illegally is declining. Illegal drugs are brought to the country through legal points of entry. Agreeing to build the wall just to end the shutdown is not a solution. The Democrats and the president must find a better solution.

토론 시작

No. 4892

The goverment needs many money to build the border wall, but they don't want to spend some money on that.

박준우(mangojw)19.02.07 09:23

No. 4898

No, Democrats should not agree to build the new wall. Because it takes billions and billions of dollar and I don't think people want to waste the money by building the border wall Anyway do they have to build a wall? no actually they just can make a fence!

()19.02.07 21:46

No. 4899

Many people are getting over the border illegally which is bad for united states. Also, they always try to get over that they sometimes die. To prevent from dying and illegal crimes, they can make a border.

박혜린(tm_hlpark)19.02.07 22:51

No. 4900

You know, there is leftover money anyway, and also making a border doesn't take a lot of money than other sevices that they make annually. They can reduce those sizes and make one.

박혜린(tm_hlpark)19.02.07 22:52

No. 4901

They have money used for big parties and cusines so they can reduce the amoun they use in those and make the border walls.

박혜린(tm_hlpark)19.02.07 22:57

No. 4909

Do you think they could reduce money in a short time? And also, It needs time to build these border walls you said.

박준우(mangojw)19.02.10 19:25

No. 4920

The whole economy of the world is so much dependent on globalized system that reversing it is too costly. Also, if you just build the wall to circumscribe flow of population, next phase will be territorial dispute.

권혁주(AMIGPHC11152404)19.02.11 23:09

No. 4927

No, the Democrats should no agree to build the wall, it's too much of an expense for the government.
SERIOUSLY, it's NOT only the wall that will do, it can be compared to planting a 'TREE SAPLING'. MONITORING should be done for the assurance that nobody will cross over, because desperate moves can be done by illegal migrants, so a surveillance team should be on the move in the area all the time.
If the border will be secured in the TRUE sense of the word, then no illegal migrants will ever successfully cross it.

미르나(myrna)19.02.12 20:38

No. 4948

No, the Democrats should not agree to build the wall. What are they going to do with leftover money? will they donate it? no! they're just going to have it!

()19.02.14 18:07

No. 4966

Donald Trump claimed in an interview broadcast on Sunday to have “set the table beautifully” for the next stage of his confrontation with congressional Democrats which caused the longest government shutdown in US history.

Trump indicated that to secure funding for a wall on the border with Mexico, he will declare a national emergency on 15 February, the deadline for funding talks initiated after the 35-day shutdown, the longest in US history.

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It came as the Pentagon announced it was sending a further 3,750 troops to the border to put up another 150 miles (240km) of concertina wire and provide other support for Customs and Border Protection. The additional personnel will increase the total number of active-duty troops sevenfold on the Mexican border, to 4,350.

In the interview with CBS’s Face the Nation, the president attempted to portray the shutdown that ended last month without funding for his wall as a victory over Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House speaker.

Talks between the White House and congressional Republicans and Democrats are not expected to produce a bill containing the $5.7bn Trump wants for a wall. The president this week told the New York Times the negotiations were a “waste of time”. On Sunday a key Republican participant, the Alabama senator Richard Shelby, told CNN’s State of the Union that without a Trump-Pelosi truce, “the chances of us reaching an agreement are slim”.

Trump is therefore set to declare a national emergency over what he claims is a crisis at the southern border, allowing him to find funds in military and other budgets.

Such a move would almost certainly get tied up in the courts. Among Republicans, it has also provoked worries about setting a precedent regarding the use of executive power that future Democratic presidents might follow when pursuing liberal goals.

박준우(mangojw)19.02.18 21:39

No. 5018

No, it needs lots of money to build the new wall. And Mr. Trump, the president who said to build the new wall showed a reaction of not giving worker money. So it means that the government doesn't want to use money.

이윤서(clairelee)19.03.03 18:22