Pandas' changing diet
Lesson Date : 2019-03-12

토론주제 : Could humans have caused giant pandas to change their diet?

토론기간 : 2019-03-12 ~ 2019-04-12
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Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, humans could have caused giant pandas to change their diet. A new study shows that the change in pandas' diet happened far more recent than previously thought. Pandas used to eat meat and plants. Ancient humans began clearing more and more land for farming. These human activities forced many animals, including pandas, to move away. The pandas went to a mountain area where there were no humans. There, bamboo was the only type of food that they could eat.
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Manager's Con Opinion
No, humans could not have caused giant pandas to change their diet. Researchers can have worked out when, in the past, pandas changed their diet. However, it would be difficult to find out why this happened. Environmental changes might have killed off many the food that the pandas relied on. Then, to survive, the animals had to eat bamboo. Pandas had to change their diet to suit the new environment. When pandas changed their diet, there were not many humans. Therefore, their activities are unlikely to have had a big effect on pandas.

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Eh, i don't think so. There could have been an eathquake or a volcano eruption. It is too early to decide that human activity caused pandas to change their diet. If the humans really did it, the pandas would have gone into the mountains in a few hundred years, and an animal can't switch its diets that quickly. So, the pandas would have been gone extinct. maybe in a few decades or centuries, a scientist would find the crucial evidence that humans cause the pandas' diet change. but for now, there is no certain proof.

이석민(miny1112)19.04.02 18:08

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Yes, humans could have caused giant pandas to change their diet.
These animals were left with no choice but to survive, so as a substitute, they're having bamboo instead.
Humans find ways on how to survive this cruel world, even in time of war, so the animals can do, too.

미르나(myrna)19.04.12 19:08