Chimpanzee warning
Lesson Date : 2019-07-02

토론주제 : Has the chimpanzee conservation project been a success?

토론기간 : 2019-07-02 ~ 2019-08-02
토론이용안내: 1.찬성,반대 중 선택>> 반론참여 버튼생성>>반론참여 클릭>>텍스트 입력, 음성녹음, 동영상등록 중 선택 의견을 남기세요.
                        2.반대 의견의 상대방 지목 은 최대 3명까지 가능하며, 반론에 대한 답글은 제한이 없습니다.
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Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, the chimpanzee conservation project has been a success. It was set up 40 years ago and it is still operating. Scientists and wildlife workers continue to work to protect chimpanzees. Problems such as habitat loss and disease are not easy to resolve. What's important is that people continue with the project. Conservation projects are life-long commitments to save the animals. As long as people are willing to care for these animals, the project has been a success. Eventually, the number of chimpanzees will increase.
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Manager's Con Opinion
No, the chimpanzee conservation project has not been a success. It started a long time ago. Yet, the decline in the number of chimpanzees has not stopped. The goal of the project is to protect the chimpanzees. This is to make sure that they do not die out. Now, chimpanzees are in danger of becoming extinct. The threats to these animals still exist. The conservation project has to work harder before it's too late. It needs to find better ways of increasing the number of chimpanzees.

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