Goliath frog
Lesson Date : 2019-09-10

토론주제 : Should Goliath frog hunting be banned?

토론기간 : 2019-09-10 ~ 2019-10-10
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Manager's Pro Opinion
Yes, Goliath frog hunting should be banned. Goliath frogs are unusual animals. They are not found only in one small part of Africa. Now, the frogs are listed as endangered. Yet, local people continue to hunt them. The number of Goliath frogs will continuously decline if hunting them is not banned. Eventually, they will become extinct.
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Manager's Con Opinion
No, Goliath frog hunting should not be banned. For many local people, it is an important way for them to make money. Instead of a ban, the government should set a limit on the number of frogs that can be caught each year. It is more important to protect the animal’s natural habitat. If their environment is looked after, the Goliath frog population will grow.

토론 시작

No. 5837

No, it must not be banned because it destory the enviroment.
It become widespread in very short time, and there's no predator in lake or pond that can stop the Goliath Frog.
Therefore, if we kept on banning hunting, the enviroment can be destroyed.

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