New honeyeater
Lesson Date : 2019-10-28

토론주제 : Honeyeaters do not eat honey. Should the birds’ name be changed?

토론기간 : 2019-10-28 ~ 2019-11-27
토론이용안내: 1.찬성,반대 중 선택>> 반론참여 버튼생성>>반론참여 클릭>>텍스트 입력, 음성녹음, 동영상등록 중 선택 의견을 남기세요.
                        2.반대 의견의 상대방 지목 은 최대 3명까지 가능하며, 반론에 대한 답글은 제한이 없습니다.
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Manager's Pro Opinion
Manager’s Pro Answer: Yes, the birds’ name should be changed. These birds feed on nectar, insects and fruit. Calling them honeyeaters may make people think that the birds eat honey. This is incorrect. It would be better to choose a more appropriate name for the bird.
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Manager's Con Opinion
Manager’s Con Answer: No, the birds’ name should not be changed. The birds have been known as honeyeaters for a long time. Changing their name now will only create further confusion. The birds may not eat honey. Yet, they feed on something that is connected to honey: nectar. Bees collect it from flowering plants to make honey.

토론 시작

No. 5935

Yes,honeyeater are similar to hummingbirds,but they are not very appetizing, so it would be nice to have different names.

김은서(kes0321)19.10.28 15:40

No. 5936

No, the birds' names shouldn't be changed. People say they should be changed just because they don't feed on honey, but it's just a name and name shouldn't be always correct. Changing the name will only make confusion.

최한결(smart08choi)19.10.28 18:19

No. 5938

Every birds and animal's name is correct. If change the name it make confusion ans take long time. So it's not necessary.

()19.10.28 19:11

No. 5947

It means that the bird does not eat honey, but it means honey, so we have to change it.

김은서(kes0321)19.11.11 16:51