Coronavirus emergency
Lesson Date : 2020-02-17

토론주제 : Will the coronavirus continue to infect more people?

토론기간 : 2020-02-17 ~ 2020-03-16
토론이용안내: 1.찬성,반대 중 선택>> 반론참여 버튼생성>>반론참여 클릭>>텍스트 입력, 음성녹음, 동영상등록 중 선택 의견을 남기세요.
                        2.반대 의견의 상대방 지목 은 최대 3명까지 가능하며, 반론에 대한 답글은 제한이 없습니다.
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Manager's Pro Opinion
Manager’s Pro Answer: Yes, the coronavirus will continue to infect more people. The virus can easily spread from one person to another. For many days, infected people can spread the disease without knowing it. Until a vaccine is produced, the coronavirus will continue to infect more and more people.
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Manager's Con Opinion
Manager’s Con Answer: No, the coronavirus will not continue to infect more people. Governments have set up procedures to prevent the virus from spreading. At the airport, people are being monitored. In some places, public transport has been stopped. Soon, the government will be able to stop the virus from spreading.

토론 시작

No. 6084

We hope to the coronavirus won't continue. Today(2020.02.15)'s infected people are 30 people. Some peopole are get better. But some people is still taken with sickness. It's not our ploblem. This is a matter of the world. Our country is tring to prevent coronavirus but China's infected people are increasing. This is obviously sad; in fact many people may get sick with the coronavirus. So, Unless China takes action like us, it will continue to get sick. So, I think the coronavirus will continue to infect more people.

최주원(tm_joowon)20.02.20 14:11

No. 6086

Mangager's Pro Answer: Yes, the coronavirus will continue to infect more people. I heard that some chinese take a fever reducer and fly on a plane. I think the goverments are doing something wrong. and I saw the news that an infected woman was spitting on the door handle or something, so about 90 people were infected in the same apartment. also the infected people have to isolate theirself. if we don't develop a vaccine, the coronavirus will keep spreading from country to country

최주영(hs071)20.02.17 21:36

No. 6087

I think it is very strong.So, it may spread very fast.It can spread very well. bbecause in vehicle,we meet many people.And in public places ,too. So...I think it may spread very fast,

jane kim(pjo9805021)20.02.17 22:36

No. 6089

I think the coronavirus continue to infect more people.It spreads very easily and quickly,so the infected people may not know that their are infected.And they could keep infect to other people without knowing that they are infected.

봉서진(bongsj0328)20.02.18 14:16

No. 6093

Yes, it will continue to infect more people. I'll give you three reasons. First, our governments aren't blocking Chinese people. Second, some people are refusing the doctor's advice. Last, students from China are refusing to isolate themselves in the dormitory.


최한결(smart08choi)20.02.21 19:25

No. 6096

You know?China start coronavirus..And we have lots of peole,why?
The people who have coronavirus,they live only hospital or they house..
But they're go to cafe or restaurant..So,I think it's bad and not finish easily.Bye!

조아영(ayoung0405)20.03.04 12:42

No. 6098

Today(2020.02.22)'s infected people are 433 people. The Shincheonji's people infected Coronavirus. But they denial it and spread anywhere. So we should be more careful.

이은솔(eunsol)20.02.22 20:03

No. 6111

yes because w Corona virus has a higher infection rate than the fatality rate, and the number of confirmed cases now exceeds 1,261 people, so there is a high risk of spreading, and this process is unlikely to end quickly. I wish this form would pass quickly.

장형임(devi1)20.02.26 22:24

No. 6112

I think the coronavirus continue to infect more people. because There is, of course, the possibility of the virus spreading. But everyone wants the virus to stop.
Scientists are currently developing a cure. After that, I don't know, but the effects of the coronavirus will decrease. so I think the coronavirus continue to infect more people, but it will stop in the future!!!

김성민(ksm3185)20.02.26 23:38